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oekom esg impact services 

Investors not only want to understand what they can influence with their investments, but also how they can specifically measure and report on them. Consequently, asset managers are coming under increasing pressure to visualise their investment strategy’s contribution to sustainability – also from a risk-management perspective.

To provide you with concrete information and assist you in your decision making, oekom research has developed a holistic suite of tools – the oekom ESG Impact Services – comprising the following modules which can be used separately, depending on your needs.s:


The oekom Sustainability Solutions Assessment offers investors detailed information and data on the extent to which companies further or hinder the attainment of the UN SDGs or individual sustainability topics (such as climate change, water, health) through its product and service range.


The oekom ESG Impact Assessment offers investors a comprehensive range of impact data relating to companies’ product portfolios and production processes. The data enable quantification of a company’s or portfolio’s / investment fund’s contribution towards sustainable development and attainment of the UN SDGs.

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