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controversial weapons (CWM)

Investors who hold shares or bonds in companies which produce controversial weapons such as cluster munitions or land mines find themselves exposed to considerable reputational risks. The same is true of banks and insurance companies which extend credit or insurance cover to such companies. 

For the oekom Controversial Weapons Monitor, oekom research has identified a total of around 400 companies from all parts of the world which are suspected of manufacturing controversial weapons. In around 250 cases, our detailed research has substantiated this suspicion sufficiently for the companies to have been included in oekom’s Controversial weapons database.



Included here are manufacturers of


biological / chemical weapons


cluster munitions




nuclear weapons


uranium munitions

oekom research draws on a variety of sources for compiling and expanding the database and for keeping it continuously up to date. These include, on the one hand, media reports and studies by various NGOs and, on the other, the companies‘ own websites and reports.


Dr. Julia Haake, Director of the Paris Office, tél. : +33 1 73 71 61 76, courriel :

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