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newsletter 06/2018

Our topics:

1. oekom Services

- ISS-oekom Supports HM Trust in New Sustainability Fund

- Expansion of the Rating Universe

- ISS-oekom Country Rating: Inclusion of Uruguay, Taiwan and Argentina

- Custom Ratings & SDG Ratings Now Available in ORBIT

- Facts & Figures: How is Economic Inequality Developing in Selected Countries?

- Electronic Devices & Appliances Industry Report

2. Market/Initiatives

- 2018 Media Materiality Report

3. Events

- PRI in Person

1. oekom Services

ISS-oekom Supports HM Trust in New Sustainability Fund

HM Trust AG, a subsidiary of the HanseMerkur Insurance Group specialized in asset management, currently manages AUM totaling more than 8.5 billion euros. Its clients include insurance companies, occupational pension schemes, pension funds and industrial companies.

As part of HM Trust’s increased commitment to sustainability, a mixed fund launched on June 15 was defined according to strict sustainability criteria. HM Trust is supported in the selection of securities by ISS-oekom, whose sustainability research examines the investment universe according to specific ESG criteria and exclusions. The fund has a starting volume of 20 million euros.

Contact: Carolin Preuss, Research and Portfolio Management, HM Trust AG, Tel. +49 (0)40 492939 327, E-mail Carolin.Preuss@hmt-ag.de

Expansion of the Rating Universe

ISS-oekom is continuously expanding its rating universe. We currently cover 7,000 issuers and plan to swiftly expand this number to 10,000 issuers. For this purpose, 40 new ESG analysts will be hired.

You can obtain more information by contacting communications@iss-oekom.com.

ISS-oekom Country Rating: Inclusion of Uruguay, Taiwan and Argentina

ISS-oekom is expanding its country rating coverage to include the countries of Argentina, Taiwan (Republic of China) and Uruguay. With this, the universe now comprises 59 countries and the European Union, which together account for around 96 percent of global public debt. Argentina and Taiwan achieved a C+ rating. Uruguay was rated B-, making it the first Latin American country to qualify as Prime.

You can obtain more information by contacting Hendrik Leue, Senior Analyst at ISS-oekom, hendrik.leue@iss-oekom.com.

Custom Ratings & SDG Ratings Now Available in ORBIT

The ORBIT customer platform has been expanded to two new functions in the ORBIT Portfolios area: A product rating in the context of the SDGs (“Sustainability Solutions Score”) and an ESG rating that can be adapted to customer requirements (“Custom Rating”).

•    Sustainability Solutions Score (oSSS): With the inclusion of oSSS data, ORBIT can also be used for SDG-related data analyses, such as impact reporting, SDG-aligned investments, etc. The data is automatically available to all users who obtain the Sustainability Solutions Assessment (oSSA) from ISS-oekom and have access to ORBIT portfolios. The data is divided into two detail levels: Top-level / environmental and social oSSS, as well as oSSS for all 15 objectives. 

•    Custom Ratings: The custom weight function allows the ESG ratings of ISS-oekom to be reweighed at two rating levels for the environmental portion and at three levels for the social & governance portion. Users can thus adjust the rating to fit their own objectives. 

The new functionalities are automatically made available in premium partners’ ORBIT portfolios.

For any questions and for additional information regarding the use of the new functions and data, please contact our team at ri.advisory@iss-oekom.com.

Facts & Figures: How is Economic Inequality Developing in Selected Countries?

InequalityThe short report takes a current look at the “social inequality” aspect of ISS-oekom’s country rating. According to this report, income inequality continues to increase in almost all countries, despite numerous different strategies to counteract this development.
Central European countries such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia are still among the countries with the highest equal distribution of income and wealth. Iceland, one of the Nordic countries, is at the top.
One of the most unequal societies within Europe is Great Britain. Globally, the USA ranked even worse than the average of the so-called BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa).

Facts & Figures can be ordered from communications@iss-oekom.com.

Electronic Devices & Appliances Industry Report


The ISS-oekom universe of the Electronic Devices & Appliances (EDA) industry comprises 104 companies whose main business is the production, marketing and sale of electronic end-user devices. These range from classic consumer electronics and computers to various communication technologies and household/special appliances.

With a Performance Score (OPS) of 33.17, the electronics sector is at the top of the rankings compared to other industries. There are only a few very poorly rated companies but at the same time also hardly any companies with OPS values well above this average. This is partly due to the fact that industry initiatives such as RBA ensure minimum standards, and partly because challenges, especially in the supply chain, remain very high. Direct consumer pressure has also led some companies to do more in the area of sustainability.

The top 3 companies in the industry are HP (US), Dell (US) and Philips (NL), each with a B- rating.

An Industry Focus for the sector can be ordered from communications@iss-oekom.com.

2. Market/Initiatives

2018 Media Materiality Report

Media Materiality ReportThe 2018 Media Materiality Report addresses current environmental, social and governance challenges in the media sector. It was published by the Responsible Media Forum, an industry initiative on sustainability, and Carnstone Partners, a corporate consultancy firm specializing in corporate responsibility. In the analysis, topics ranging from data protection to environmental management are examined and classified into the following categories: material, strategic and operational. It builds on and updates previous materiality assessments from 2004, 2009 and 2013.

Lisa Kim Breitenbruch, Senior Analyst at ISS-oekom, was interviewed as an industry expert for the report and can also confirm its results from a research perspective:  “In the context of our recently completed industry update, we were able to identify clear materiality shifts between topics. On the one hand, media companies have to face new challenges such as fake news and the safeguarding of trust. On the other hand, some well-known topics have regained importance: Equality and non-discrimination of employees is just one example mentioned in the context of the #metoo movement.”

More details from the 2018 Media Materiality Report can be found at https://carnstone.com/insight?document=80.

3. Events

PRI in Person

PRI in Person is the world’s leading conference for sustainable investment. The annual event enables participants to discuss current topics and exchange their experiences with colleagues from all over the world. This year’s conference is taking place in parallel with the Global Climate Action Summit, an event organized by the State of California that brings together leading figures from government, business and the global community to jointly address the issue of climate protection.
ISS-oekom and the entire ISS-ESG business division will present themselves as partners of the event with their own stand at the PRI in Person event from September 12 to 14 in San Francisco.

More information about the event can be found at https://www.unpri.org/events/pri-in-person.

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