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newsletter 04/2018

Our topics:

1. In-house news

- New Logo: ISS-oekom

2. oekom Services

- oekom Corporate Responsibility Review 2018

- Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Position Paper

- Industry Focus: Insurance

- New ORBIT Countries functionality

3. Market/Initiatives

- Principles for Investment in Sustainable Wild-Caught Fisheries

4. Events

- Presentation of the oekom CR Review 2018 and 25th Anniversary Celebration

- Geneva FSI

1. In-house news

New Logo: ISS-oekom

ISS-oekom, the ISS subsidiary resulting from oekom research, will express the strength of both brands not only in its name but also through a new logo. This logo contains visual elements of both companies, increases recognition, and conveys the high quality standards that our partners and customers have come to expect.





The email addresses of the respective contact persons will change accordingly: Instead of the previous extension of @oekom-research.com, the email combination Firstname.Lastname@iss-oekom.com must be used in the future.


2. oekom Services

oekom Corporate Responsibility Review 2018

ORBITThe oekom Corporate Responsibility Review 2018, the annual report on sustainability in corporate management, confirms the upward trend observed over the past five years. According to this, the share of companies in industrialized countries with good and very good ratings is currently 17.19 percent—slightly higher than in the previous year. The group in the medium score range of assessed companies with acceptable sustainability performance is 43.62%, for the first time a number that is larger than the proportion of companies with distinctly inadequate sustainability performance. These are currently 39.19%, which represents the lowest level up to now. A comparable trend can be observed among companies in emerging markets, albeit at a lower level.

This is the 10th time this highly respected report has been published. It is based on the results of the oekom Corporate Rating for a total of over 3,800 companies worldwide. Its publication also marks the 25th anniversary of the company, which was founded in 1993 as oekom research and joined Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) in March of this year.  

The complete study can be downloaded here: www.oekom-research.com

Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Position Paper

ORBITBlockchain technology is a data exchange infrastructure that can be used in different ways. While the anonymity of some cryptocurrencies based on this technology makes them attractive for criminal use,
the transparency of a blockchain network can prevent fraud, corruption or tax evasion elsewhere.

Johann Schmidt, ISS-oekom analyst: “Its decentralized structure gives blockchain technology a fundamentally integrative character. As long as it’s not in relation to a private network, its usage is open to all, regardless of identity, location, financial resources or other factors. But there are also some factors that pose risks and must be viewed critically from a sustainability perspective.”

The oekom position paper presents the technologies and their applications and informs about how these can be evaluated from a sustainability perspective. The publication can be ordered free of charge from communications@oekom-research.com.

Industry Focus: Insurance


The oekom Corporate Rating assesses a total of 132 insurance companies, including life and health insurance companies as well as property and liability insurers. A large proportion of these companies are located in the USA and Great Britain, however most of them also operate internationally.
Insurers perform a crucial economic function by assuming individual personal, property and asset risks and transferring them to the community of policy holders. In addition to individual personal risks, this also pertains to the economic risk for companies.

Lydia Sandner, ISS-oekom Senior Analyst: “Key sustainability issues in the insurance industry include, for example, responsible advice as part of customer and product responsibility, transparent insurance policies, insurance products for risk groups and low-income customers, and the integration of environmental and social aspects into property and liability insurance, asset management and equity investment.”

At the moment, the highest rated companies in the insurance industry are CNP Assurances with a B- rating and Swiss Re and Münchener Rückversicherungsgesellschaft, each with a C+ rating.

The publication can be ordered free of charge from communications@oekom-research.com.

New ORBIT Countries functionality

The latest version of our ORBIT—oekom Responsibility Benchmarking & Information Tool—customer platform, which was first presented in February, has now been expanded to include the ORBIT Countries functionality. In addition to the information and evaluation options already available for sustainability ratings and company analyses, these functions can now also be used for ISS-oekom's country ratings, which currently cover 57 countries, including the EU. ORBIT Countries gives you detailed access to information about individual countries at an indicator level. A benchmark function facilitates a clear comparison of several different countries.

For more information, please contact our Responsible Investment Advisory Team at tel. +49 (0)89 544184-64 or by email at ri.advisory@oekom-research.com

3. Market/Initiatives

Principles for Investment in Sustainable Wild-Caught Fisheries

Principle Wild Caught Fish

As an initiative of a group of asset managers, foundations, NGOs, and consulting firms, the “Principles for Investment in Sustainable Wild-Caught Fisheries” were presented at the World Ocean Summit 2018 in early March. These principles are intended to provide guidance in the financing of fishery projects and companies that affect wild fish stocks and related ecosystems and habitats. The undersigned parties undertake to comply with nine principles in their investment decisions for equity investments and bonds: These include general recommendations, for example, regarding compliance with local, national and international laws and regulations on fishing, implementation of fish stock analyses, management of endangered species, monitoring and surveillance of fishing activities, and compliance with internationally recognized human rights and the protection of indigenous populations.

Johannes Zimmermann, ISS-oekom Analyst: “In some areas, the principles cover the strict requirements of the oekom Corporate Rating with regard to wild fishing: for example, investors should carry out risk analyses with regard to endangered species, bycatch and ecosystems. In addition, companies and relevant projects should set up traceability systems. However, the principles lack detailed, concrete measures and commitment on many points and do not cover important elements of sustainable fishing, such as controversial fishing methods or certification. For this reason, too, it is good that the initiative is committed to the continuous development of the principles and the integration of new best practice findings. The principles are a further step towards a more sustainable financial market in which asset managers and institutional investors take social and environmental factors into account.”

More information is available at: http://www.fisheriesprinciples.org/.

4. Events

Presentation of the oekom CR Review 2018 and 25th Anniversary Celebration

Matthias Bönning, Head of IT & Research, ISS-oekomThe 25th anniversary of oekom research was celebrated on April 26 in Munich with the presentation of the oekom CR Review 2018 at an event attended by prominent guest speakers. In addition to Marlen Thieme (Council for Sustainable Development), Matthias Kopp (WWF Germany), Sven Giegold (member of the Green Group in the European Parliament), R. Andreas Kraemer (Ecologic) and Michael Schmidt (Deka Investment), who addressed the role of ESG Research and especially oekom research in general sustainable development in panels and keynote speeches, in-house analysts also addressed current topics and developments in short, everyday rating situation reports.

In addition to the event in Munich and presentations in London (May 3) and New York (May 8), the CR Review 2018 will be presented by ISS-oekom experts also in Paris (May 14) and Zurich (May 17).

More information is available at www.oekom-research.com.

Geneva FSI

Swiss financial centers, and Geneva in particular, have become important players in the sustainable financial industry in recent years. Most of the institutions located here offer SRI or ESG products and services to meet a rapidly growing demand. This ninth edition of the GFSI, Geneva Forum for Sustainable Investment from May 31 to June 2, will present the main players and the most innovative solutions to the key challenges of the future. Among the speakers is Marie-Bénédicte Beaudoin, Senior Advisor for Responsible Investment at ISS-oekom.

More information is available at https://voxia.ch/en/evenement/gfsi-2018/.


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