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Our scientifically based rating system is being constantly updated and is setting standards for a dynamically evolving market. Our multi-disciplinary team of analysts uses one of the world's most comprehensive set of criteria and is being supported by an independent advisory board and a worldwide network of environmental and social experts. A specially developed quality standard ensures that our analyses hold a high level of reliability and validity.

oekom research analyses the world's most important companies and countries in their role as securities issuer. Our research universe is continuously extended and updated. 


oekom Corporate Rating


oekom Universe (approx. 5,500 companies)  

- coverage of important national and international indexes

- sustainability leaders apart from those indexes

- small caps from sustainable industries

- important non-listed bond issuers

- specific client requests


oekom Prime Universe (approx. 1,050 companies)

- large caps from traditional industries

- small caps from sustainable industries

- non-listed bond issuers


oekom Country Rating


700 countries and local authorities incl. BRIC, EU, OECD and important Asian and South American countries

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