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oekom research introduces Carbon Services

- Comprehensive toolset to identify and manage carbon-related risks

- Solution incorporates carbon footprinting data from South Pole Group

Munich, November 19 2015 – oekom research, one of the world's leading rating agencies in the area of sustainable investments, expands its product range with the oekom Carbon Services.  Hereby, investors can leverage a comprehensive information base to identify and manage both current and future carbon-related risks and performance at issuer and portfolio level.

oekom Carbon Services integrate over 100 cross-industry and industry-specific indicators, which record and evaluate the performance of over 3,700 companies in managing their industry-specific carbon risks, their business activities relating to the fossil fuels coal, oil and natural gas and – via a partnership with South Pole Group, the leading global provider of carbon footprinting data – their carbon footprint. The toolbox provides detailed data feeds, portfolio analyses or rating reports and consists of the following components, which can also be used separately:

- oekom Carbon Risk Rating: a comprehensive assessment of the carbon performance of companies, based on over 100 mainly sector-specific indicators and a carbon risk classification at the industry and sub-industry levels

- oekom Fossil Fuel Screening: enables the differentiated identification of company activities relating to the fossil fuels coal, oil and natural gas

- oekom Carbon Risk Portfolio Analyse: includes a comprehensive analysis of the CO2 risks and the carbon performance of a portfolio and incorporates carbon footprinting data from South Pole Group

„In the light of increasing decarbonisation trends investors need reliable data in order to be able to evaluate, understand and manage the climate-related risks of their existing or planned investments. A comprehensive analysis is necessary in order to gain as complete a picture as possible not only of the carbon-related risks but also of the climate-related performance of companies“, explains Robert Haßler, CEO of oekom research.  „This gives rise to a demand among investors for specific information on a wide variety of levels. The oekom Carbon Services offer high quality analyses and data to provide them with the answers they need."

The oekom Carbon Services in detail

oekom Carbon Risk Rating
The oekom Carbon Risk Rating is a comprehensive assessment of the Carbon-related performance of companies, based on over 100 mainly industry-specific indicators and a carbon risk classification at the industry and sub-industry levels. The rating makes use of the oekom Carbon Performance Score, showing scores on a scale from 0 to 100, which indicates how a company is managing its industry-specific climate risks, not just in production but in its supply chain and product portfolio as well. In addition, the oekom Industry Carbon Risk Classification categorises a company’s exposure to carbon risk due to its business activities.

oekom Fossil Fuel Screening

The oekom Fossil Fuel Screening enables investors to identify the degree to which companies operate in the area of fossil fuels. It provides differentiated information on the various types of business activity (e.g. producer, processor, service provider) as well as the share of turnover (0-100%) and the market share of over 3,700 companies worldwide, in relation to the fossil fuels coal, oil and natural gas. In addition, the oekom Fossil Fuel Screening provides information on company activities in the area of unconventional oil and gas production. This includes the extraction of natural gas by means of hydraulic fracturing as well as the mining of oil sands.

oekom Carbon Risk Portfolio Analyse

The oekom Carbon Risk Portfolio Analysis provides a customised analysis of the carbon risks and performance of a portfolio measured against a defined benchmark. Depending on customer requirements, the following components may be included in the analysis:

- oekom Carbon Risk Rating

- oekom Carbon Performance Score

- oekom Industry Carbon Risk Classification

- individual carbon performance indicators at company and/or industry level

- analyses of issuers’ business activities relating to fossil fuels

- carbon footprinting data from our cooperation partner, South Pole Group



Further information can be obtained from:

oekom research AG
Dieter Niewierra, Director Communications
+49 89 5441 8457

oekom research is one of the world’s leading rating agencies in the field of sustainable investment. The agency analyses companies and countries with regard to their environmental and social performance. oekom research has extensive experience as a partner to institutional investors and financial service providers, identifying issuers of securities and bonds which are distinguished by their responsible management of social and environmental issues. More than 100 asset managers and asset owners routinely draw on the rating agency’s research in their investment decision-making. oekom research’s analyses therefore currently influence the management of assets valued at over 600 billion euros.



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